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Motorized Butterfly valve DN250..400

Motorized Butterfly valve DN250..400
Butterfly valve with factory mounted electrical actuator.
For heating water containing up to 50% glycol. Other additives possible, but contact Honeywell for confirmation.
Valve series V5422L/E
Valve type butterfly motorized
Medium type water
Materials body and disc ductile iron GGG40, disc coating DeltaMagni, shaft stainless steel 1.4021
Packing EPDM
Protection class IP67
Position indication mechanical pointer
Max. delta P 1000 kPa
Angle of rotation max. 90 o
Static pressure PN10
Port connection type wafer
Manual operation with wheel
Media temp. -10 ... 120 oC
Additional description Without flanges.
3-pt control, with 2x SPST 230 Vac end switches for open/close feedback
DN sizeKvs valueTorquePower supplyRuntimeControl input signalType
mm NmVac | VAs  
2505070250230 | 276 303-ptV5422L1006  PDF
3007430600230 | 276 303-ptV5422L1014  PDF
35010320600230 | 460 303-ptV5422L1022  PDF
400132901000230 | 276 603-ptV5422L1030  PDF
Modulating control and electrical position indication, Microswitch settings for signals values 0/2..10V, 0/4..20mA
DN sizeKvs valueTorquePower supplyRuntimeControl input signalType
mm NmVac | VAs  
2505070250230 | 276 300/2..10V=; 0/4..20mAV5422E1001  PDF
3007430600230 | 276 300/2..10V=; 0/4..20mAV5422E1019  PDF
35010320600230 | 460 300/2..10V=; 0/4..20mAV5422E1027  PDF
400132901000230 | 276 600/2..10V=; 0/4..20mAV5422E1035  PDF