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2x Boiler 2 stages, 3x mixed circuit, DHW

Boiler series control for two boilers (two-level) and three mixed circuit controllers along with one hot water controller
The correct function of boiler series control depends on the appropriate pairing of the controller and hydraulic system. Therefore the consumer circuits should be decoupled from the two boilers using a hydraulic by-pass.
Note: System no. 305 means that certain parameters must be set for this application to function.
Mixed heating 3 circuits
Domestic Hot Water 2 pumps
Boiler 2x 2-stage
Returncontrol boiler yes
The basic functions are contained in an indestructible program.
All the parameters are predefined with sensible basic settings and allow individual adjustments as necessary. PCs are not required for this.
All the relay outputs can be tested manually.
Boiler control
Boiler series controller for one or two-level burners
Constant minimum limit of boiler temperature
Maximum limitation of boiler temperature
Minimum burner switch-on and switch-off times
Operating hours recording for each burner level
Replacement of the pilot boiler, depending on time and external temperature
Blocking of next boiler, depending on external temperature
Heating circuit
Time switch for daily, weekly and holiday programs for each heating circuit
Optimisation of switch-on times
Caretaker function, frost protection function
Outdoor temperature-compensated heating circuits, with room tie-in as necessary
Min./max. limiting of flow temperature
Hot water control
Time switch with daily and weekly program for hot water filling pump
Anti-legionella automatic system
Hot water priority circuit
Outdoor temperature-compensated parallel operation
Combination option of up to five freely-selectable SMILE controllers
Communication takes place over the system bus without additional interfaces
Distance (max. 100 m)
All the data required for the control system is communicated
Remote operation with the wall modules SDW.. also takes place using the system bus
Fault message
If the required temperatures cannot be achieved within a reasonable time, or sensors interrupt or short-out, then the controller will generate a fault message.
Application for Smile digital controller
Microprocessor controller for heating circuit, boiler and hot water control
DescriptionAdditional Product Type
With connection base for wall installationSDC3-40WM
With connection base for wall installation (2)SDC12-31WM
With connectable terminal strips for control panel installationSDC3-40PM
With connectable terminal strips for control panel installation (2)SDC12-31PM
DescriptionAdditional Product Type
Outside air temperature sensorAF20
Contact temperature sensor VF (3)VF20A
Boiler, boiler return, hot water and strategy temperature sensor (without well) WF, RLF, SF, VLF (6)KTF20
DescriptionAdditional Product Type
Remote control with temperature selector/sensor and mode switch (3)SDW10WE
DescriptionAdditional Product Type
Immersion temperature sensor (instead of VF20A)VF20T
Hot water sensor with NIRO immersion well (instead of KTF20)VF20LN
Easy-to-use remote operation with display and complete programming unit along with temperature sensor/selector (instead of SDW10) (3)SDW30
Base for Smile Controller, for control panel installation as touch protectionSCS-12
Connecting base for wall installation of SMILE panel modelsSWS-12
Reducing attachment frame for control panel installation, assuming available control panel cut-out on controllers ZG52 /53 /55 / 82 /85 or ZG215 /215V /252 /254SRR