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TS131 Temperature relief valve with test facility and double sensor

TS131 Temperature relief valve with test facility and double sensor
The TS130 temperature relief valve is a self-acting valve which is activated by the flow temperature of the heat generator. It opens and discharges water from the heat generator or condensing coil at a flow temperature of 95oC and thereby prevents a significant temperature rise in the heat generator.
For multi-fuel boilers with integral water-heating or condensing coils in closed solid-fuel fired heating systems to DIN 4751, sheet 2.
Approvals Construction tested to DIN 3440
Materials Brass housing, bonnet, immersion pocket and valve piston, copper temperature sensor and capillary tube, hot-water resistant elastomer seals
Medium type water or water-glycol mixture according to VDI 2035
Additional description
Opening temperature 95oC
Heating system capacity max. 93 kW (80.000 kcal/h)
Flow capacity 2.000 kg/h water at a minimum flow pressure of 1,0 bar
Product descriptionType
Capillary tube with protection sheath 1300 m, with approved constructionTS130-3/4A  PDF
Capillary tube with protection sheath 4000 mTS130-3/4B  PDF
DescriptionAdditional Product Type
Complete piston guide for TS 130TS130KF-3/4A