V5000 Kombi-3-plus RED Fixed Orifice Measuring Valve

V5000 Kombi-3-plus RED Fixed Orifice Measuring Valve
Shut-off valve with measuring support for supply mains and branches. To be used in combination with a V5010 Kombi-3-plus BLUE double-regulating balancing valve in the return.
Water-based heating and cooling systems.
Materials Valve housing made of red bronze, valve insert made of brass with EPDM O-rings and PTFE seat sealing, handwheel made of red plastic
Body pattern Y-pattern
Medium type water or water-glycol mixture according to VDI 2035
Media temp. 2 ... 130 oC
Static pressure PN16
Draining/filling support yes
Measuring support yes
Connection of accessories through spindle
Place in installation supply
Additional description
Supports Honeywell measuring method: measuring and pre-setting of control valve simultaneously.
Suitable connections see 'Connections for Balancing and Pipework Valves'.
With internal threads to ISO 7 (DIN2999)
DN sizeKvs valuePort connection typePort diameterType
mm  inch 
101.5internal threadsRp 3/8V5000Y0010  PDF
152.5internal threadsRp 1/2V5000Y0015  PDF
204.5internal threadsRp 3/4V5000Y0020  PDF
256.5internal threadsRp 1V5000Y0025  PDF
3213internal threadsRp 1 1/4V5000Y0032  PDF
4020internal threadsRp 1 1/2V5000Y0040  PDF
5035internal threadsRp 2V5000Y0050  PDF
6542internal threadsRp 2 1/2V5000Y0065  PDF
8068internal threadsRp 3V5000Y0080  PDF
With external threads to DIN/ISO 228. Connection nuts and sealings are supplied with the valve
DN sizeKvs valuePort connection typePort diameterType
mm  inch 
101.5external threadsG 5/8 AV5000X0010  PDF
152.5external threadsG 3/4 AV5000X0015  PDF
204.5external threadsG 1 AV5000X0020  PDF
256.5external threadsG 1 1/4 AV5000X0025  PDF
3213external threadsG 1 1/2 AV5000X0032  PDF
4020external threadsG 1 3/4 AV5000X0040  PDF
5035external threadsG 2 3/8 AV5000X0050  PDF
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