V5012C Kombi-DP Diaphragm Unit

V5012C Kombi-DP Diaphragm Unit
Diaphragm unit for upgrade of V5010 Kombi-3-plus BLUE and V5032 Kombi-2-plus valves to automatic balancing valves. Unit is retrofittable: can be fitted when system has already been taken into commission and under system pressure.
For water-based heating and cooling systems.
Materials Membrane housing made of stainless steel with EPDM membrane, spindle and pipe connections made of brass
Medium type water or water-glycol mixture according to VDI 2035
Media temp. 2 ... 130 oC
Static pressure PN10
Max. delta P 2 bar
Pre-setting yes
Position indication V5012C0103 optionally with installed external setpoint adapter VA2503A001 (accessory).
Additional description Suitable for V5010 Kombi-3-plus BLUE DN10...40 and V5032 Kombi-2-plus DN15...40.
Differential pressure setpoint rangeType
0.1 ... 0.3V5012C0103  PDF
0.3 ... 0.6V5012C0306  PDF
DescriptionAdditional Product Type
Auxiliary spring to reduce Dp range to 0.05-0.1 bar (only for V5012C0103)VA2502A002
Setting adapter for external pre-setting (only for V5012C0103)VA2503B001
Compression ring and nut R1/4 for 6 mm Cu-pipeVS5500A008
Shutoff valve for impulse tubeVS5501A008
Service Parts
DescriptionAdditional Product Type
Stainless steel spindle assemblyVS2500KDP1
Compression ring and nut R1/4 for 4 mm Cu-pipeVS5500A004
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