V6000 Kombi-F-II Flanged Double Regulating Balancing Valve

V6000 Kombi-F-II Flanged Double Regulating Balancing Valve
Flanged double-regulating variable orifice balancing and shut-off valves for mains pipelines.
For water-based heating and cooling systems.
Materials Valve housing made of cast iron GG25, spindle and insert made of stainless steel with PTFE seat sealing and double maintenance-free spindle sealing
Body pattern straight
Medium type water or water-glycol mixture according to VDI 2035
Media temp. 2 ... 120 oC
Static pressure PN16
Pre-setting yes
Position indication Digital display of pre-setting. Value changes when handwheel is turned.
Measuring support yes
Connection of accessories side connections
Place in installation return
Port connection type flanges
DN sizeKvs valueType
154.5V6000D0015  PDF
206.6V6000D0020  PDF
259.8V6000D0025  PDF
3215.1V6000D0032  PDF
4024.9V6000D0040  PDF
5048.5V6000D0050  PDF
6574.4V6000D0065  PDF
80111V6000D0080  PDF
100165V6000D0100  PDF
125242V6000D0125  PDF
150372V6000D0150  PDF
200704V6000D0200  PDF
250812V6000D0250  PDF
3001380V6000D0300  PDF
3501651V6000D0350  PDF
4002389V6000D0400  PDF
5004530V6000D0500  PDF
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